Please take a look at this list and let me know what you would like to see in production. I am branching out into some US prototypes and models, as well as trying out some new simpler kits. I am staying away from HO scale, mostly because many of these products have been produced in that scale. Also, any manufacturer that has recently done a product in HO will likely do it in N scale as well, so I tend to stay away from that. I have also listed an approximate price, as this is the question I am most frequently asked. Drop me a note from the Contact Page. These are all products I would produce in N scale.
  • Paducah rebuild GP10 With etched parts $100
  • Seaboard rebuilt GP16 With etched parts $100
  • BCR RS18 Caterpillar conversion hood $50
  • BCR wood chip cars (several variants) $25 without etched parts
  • BCR M630W body shell With etched parts $125
  • CP GP9 low nose With etched parts $100