I get a lot of questions regarding my products, so I hope this page helps answer some of them.

Q. There are no instructions in my kit. Where do I get them?
A. The instructions are available for reading or download on the Instruction Files page.

Q. What material are Briggs Models products made from?
A. Most of my products are 3d printed using my own printers. The material is a photo-actuated resin which is similar to plastic, but harder and sadly a little more brittle. Some parts will be produced in a tough material.

Q. How do I sand my parts? How do I glue the parts together?
A. You can use regular sandpaper, and CA or epoxy glue to glue your models together.

Q. I broke a part!
A. Please let me know. I will replace it for you, unless you ran over the kit with a truck. I might ask you to pay for postage in that case.

Q. How do I remove the parts from the sprues?
A. Use a quality set of sprue cutters. If you just pull them off, the material may chip or break.

Q. What kind of paint can I use?
A. You can use any paint, but acrylic paint works best.

Q. Does your 3d printed material have wax support material on it? Do I need to clean it in Bestine?
A. No to both. Wax has never been anywhere near my parts.

Q. I got a defective part. What do I do?
A. Let me know please. It happens, and I will replace the part as soon as possible.

Q. What do you charge for postage?
A. I charge $12.00 for postage, unless your order is $250.00 or more. Then I pay it.

Q. Do you ship to my country?
A. Yes! I ship worldwide.

Q. How long does it take to get my order?
A. I produce to order. I get started right away, but sometimes it takes some time if printers are being cranky. Feel free to drop me a line to ask the status of your order.

Q. Can you produce parts for me?
A. Generally I prefer to not do CAD work, so if you can provide a file I can print it. I do a good amount of custom printing work.