RS3 Parts

I figured the RS3 parts page was the best place to put this. I only made the body, so you will need to do a bit of work on the deck and handrails to get all the parts to mesh well, as well as severely cut down and modify the metal chassis of the RS3 body you use. The model is correct for BCR slugs S-402 on.

In addition to the RS3 sides I offered previously, I now make some complete hood assemblies to replace the Atlas model hood. These require a little sanding and fitting to the chassis, as it was about impossible to make an exact fit. A winterization hatch is also included with the CP unit. If you want to make yours a low nose unit, I also have a kit for that, which includes the cab front and funky windows. I was having some issues with lighting today, so the photos don't show off the detail as well as they could.  Available in the store!