Universal Sets

These parts are for retrofitting various models which the universal couplings are slipping on. The photo displays the parts installed in an Atlas/China C630 model. I have had many of these models give me issues. Sometimes CA glue will provide a temporary fix, but it gets messy and creates a rough application that breaks eventually and causes noise and more headache.The Atlas C630 universal set is in the catalog list, but I am offering to create a set for anyone that has a model that needs it. The parts are 3d printed, with a square part on the end of each dogbone, and appropriate recesses in the sockets for it. I have found that this gives the best combination of smooth operation and durability.

If you have a model that needs new parts, use the template below to record the necessary dimensions, and I can make the parts fit your model precisely. If you use imperial measurement, please use .000" format and tolerance. If you use metric, please use .00mm format and tolerance. It takes about 3 days to produce these parts to order, and I will add the part to my product list. Atlas/China models have 1.5mm (.059") motor and worm shafts, and most Kato models are the same, so if you have those models, measuring the shaft diameter (B,C) is not necessary.