December 8, 2017

I have all my molds made for the PGE wood caboose, these are shots of mostly production parts, except for the production metal frets will be Stainless Steel. They should be in my hands early next week. Also coming next week is 3d printed masters for the gondolas and covers, along with the laser cut detail parts. Flat car parts soon.

NK3 PGE Plywood caboose 1811-1815 $60

NK4 PGE Plywood caboose 1816-1840 $60

NK5 PGE Plywood caboose Rebuilt with metal window frames $60

NK6 52' 6" Canadian Riveted Flat car $25

NK7 52'6" welded gondola ribbed ends $30

NK8 52'6" welded gondola flat ends $30

NP13 Early style 1 copper concentrate gondola cover $10

NP14 Late Style 2/3 copper concentrate gondola cover $10

I am shutting down for the holidays December 22-January 1, and resuming production and shipping January 2. I won't be producing, shipping, or responding to emails. All orders received at this pointhave been shipped, and any orders I receive after December 20 will likely ship in the new year. I am taking this time to upgrade 3d printing equipment, to bring pattern and production 3d printing in house. I have many new products and innovations coming along in 2018.

Happy Holidays!