Thursday January 23, 2020

I have posted a photo of the high nose RS36 kit. These kits are waiting for etched parts to ship. Very soon! The photos of the RS27/RS36 kits may not illustrate every version or all details included with all kits, as these kits have quite a few variations.

A couple of new HO conversion kits are available in the store. Briggs Models now manufactures a low nose conversion kit for CP Rail GP9 units. This comes with low nose, cab, number board, bell, pilots, ditch lights, MU stands, Sinclair antenna, steps, rear sand boxes, and some other neat details. This retails for $60.  Photos are posted on the order page for those products. Also available is a body conversion kit for CP RS18u. This detail kit comes with cab, nose, long hood, number board, bell, pilots, steps, and some other nice parts. This shell is actually made to convert the Atlas RS11 chassis, but you can use it from the deck up to convert your new Rapido RS18 to a correct body.

You can find us on Facebook at Briggs Manufacturing Associates@BriggsTrains. Please click on the like button on this page as well! There are some new products we are in the planning stages for, in both HO and N, so keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for more information.

For all these products please contact chrisd at briggsmanufacturingassociates for ordering information and to make your reservations, or drop us a line from our contact page if you have any questions or feedback for us.