May 24, 2018

Sunday May 27, Briggs Models will be at the Victoria Model Railway show, at Juan de Fuca rec center. I am donating door prizes, and I will have samples of product to view and take home!

There is a new page covering universal coupling replacement. I am offering a specialized service to create sets for your specific model. A template on this page allows you to send me the specifications for your model. Simply send me the recorded dimensions, I will add it to my catalog, and you can order your parts within 3 days. An easy way to get those slipping models going again! Most HO models are ok, and parts are readily available from other after market manufacturers, but I can do those as well, with either a hex or square dogbone.

A small new product available now in the store, is a N scale BCR C420 detail set. It comprises of a large C425 style radiator, corrugated side radiators, slug connection boxes, RS18 style inertial intake filters, lights, and bell/mount.

Some new freight cars coming up, planned are 66 foot bulkhead flats, with centerbeam and log bunk conversion options. No price yet. The 52'6" flat cars are selling very well. The next iteration of these kits is the TOFC version for PGE/BCR.

A pet project of mine is a definitive model horn product line, 3d printed in tough elastic paintable material. I have done some test prints, and the parts are very nice.

There is a new page with instruction downloads. As I have time, I will replace the printed instructions with downloadable articles with photos, where I feel it's needed. Some conversion kits are just a collection of kitbashing parts, so I will be skipping those. The catalog page is also growing rapidly and getting refined. Please check the sku# of the products in your online shopping bag before placing your order, as the online store doesn't allow me to provide sorting and ordering by sku#. This is a priority for administrative upgrades.

I am behind on the re-release of the M630 and M630W kits. These will be body kits and include fuel tanks. I am still working on detail parts for the M630W. The handrails are proving to be a challenge, as the economics don't work out to justify an etched fret for it. I may need to simply include 3d printed parts to match up to the Atlas handrails and pilots to convert the Atlas deck unit. The new Dofasco truck conversion kit is now available featuring a plastic 3d printed gearbox and 3d rapid manufactured sideframes, and will be part of the M630 and M630W kits in the future.