Monday December 7, 2019

The C636 and M636 are behind in shipping, if you don't have yours yet they will be arriving or mailing shortly. I had two new printers arrive that apparently had shipping damage, and another had to return for warranty, so I have been keeping the machines here running 24/7 to keep up. If you are waiting for your C636 order and would like an update please reach out. I should have all orders for these locomotive kits caught up by next week.  N scale C636 model design update- In talking to customers, and doing a little more research, the Atlas SD35 truck is only off by about 2 N scale inches on the center axle. We offer both the correct wheelbase with a gearbox and modified truck sideframes without gearbox, to fit the Atlas trucks, which fit into the Atlas C630 frame with no modification. By default we are shipping the Atlas sideframe variant, as every customer save for two have wanted this easier to build and source parts for option. The extra gear sets are almost impossible to source from Atlas at this time because of the China factory supply problems every manufacturer save for us is seeing.

There are many new additions to the catalog list, and the store will have purchasing enabled for those products when I can get them uploaded and/or have sample parts produced and photographed. Some of these HO kits are highly anticipated, such as the Hawker Siddley welded gondolas, and the 52'6" Canadian flat cars. A special production of BCR 52'6" TOFC cars are coming along with the flat cars, with some etched parts for stirrup steps, ramp braces, and tie down chains. N Scale RS27 and RS36 models and sample photos will be uploaded early this coming week.\

A couple of new HO conversion kits are available in the store. Briggs Models now manufactures a low nose conversion kit for CP Rail GP9 units. This comes with low nose, cab, number board, bell, pilots, ditch lights, MU stands, Sinclair antenna, steps, rear sand boxes, and some other neat details. This retails for $60.  Photos imminent. Also available is a body conversion kit for CP RS18u. This detail kit comes with cab, nose, long hood, number board, bell, pilots, steps, and some other nice parts. This shell is actually made to convert the Atlas RS11 chassis, but you can use it from the deck up to convert your new Rapido RS18 to a correct body. Photos coming soon for this product as well.

The special run of RS18 handrail stanchions have shipped most orders, save for ones that are shipping with other orders. A second run may be necessary, as some people missed the first run. For being added to the list for the rerun please contact Chris at the address below.

New shipping options are in the store, allowing for tracked parcels. Business is picking up enough that we need to have a standardized shipping method that allows for different rates. An upgrade to the store has provided that. If you have placed an order prior to July 24, please be aware that the specification of 120 days on the shopping cart is not a reflection of how long it will actually take, but it is a buffer for manufacturing allowances and shipping time worldwide. That being said, also please be aware we produce every product we ship to order, and sometimes an order gets delayed for some production reason. Reach out to us via email or on Facebook if you're wondering on the status of your order.  We are now offering tracking coupled with expedited production for an extra cost. 

You can find us on Facebook at Briggs Manufacturing Associates@BriggsTrains. Please click on the like button on this page as well! There are some new products we are in the planning stages for, in both HO and N, so keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for more information.

For all these products please contact chrisd at briggsmanufacturingassociates for ordering information and to make your reservations, or drop us a line from our contact page if you have any questions or feedback for us.