January 25, 2018

I have the PGE caboose in production, and sample parts made. Finally the laser cut parts are being shipped to me, production laser cut pieces ended up being from .016" aluminum. Beautiful. Up in the store next week!

The gondola kits are delayed due to a CAD error, two left sides for each came from the 3d printer. Sigh. It will give me a little more time to tweak the laser cut parts. The covers look excellent. This kit will feature similar laser cut parts, for ladders, stirrup steps, and brake wheel.

The flat car kits may end up being 3d printed on demand in house. I have a few 3d printers, including one high resolution printer capable of production parts for this. All three kits will be out sometime inFebruary. There will be two versions of this car, one for CP/CN, and one for BCR, to take into account the different side sill configurations.

The N scale Dofasco truck conversion kit is in the store. The new kit is available and in the store now, featuring 3d printed plastic gearboxes and resin sideframes. Much easier to assemble! A photo of the kit is on the Misc page.

NK3 PGE Plywood caboose 1811-1815 $60

NK4 PGE Plywood caboose 1816-1840 $60

NK5 PGE Plywood caboose Rebuilt with metal window frames $60

NK6 52' 6" Canadian Riveted Flat car CP/CN version $25

NK7 52' 6" Canadian Riveted Flat car BCR version $25

NK8 52'6" welded gondola with ribbed ends $30

NK9 52'6" welded gondola with flat ends $30

NP13 Early style 1 copper concentrate gondola cover $10

NP14 Late Style 2/3 copper concentrate gondola cover $10

I have been looking at my list of future projects. Keep the ideas coming please, the flat cars and gondolas were great ideas.