Thursday October 11

N Scale SDL39 models are available in the store and shipping. I am a bit behind on shipping, I ran out of water cut weights. I will have another batch early next week, so if you are waiting for SDL39 models hold tight, yours is either en route or shipping early next week. The instruction article for N scale SDL39 and M630W models are on the Instructions Files page if you would like to see what you will get. GP40-2L wide cab units are in development and I would like to start shipping them near the middle of October, (later now) depending on how busy I am with SDL39 and M630W production and shipping. Also in development stages are ALCo S5 and S6 , and C415 models. I am working on N scale 66' head flats, with centerbeam and log bunk conversion options. The next iteration of the 52' 6" flat car kits is the TOFC version for PGE/BCR.

In HO scale, models coming soon are RS18 hoods, for PGE/BCR. These will be hood/cab/short hood models, and will model as built PGE RS18 and RS10 units in 4 versions, with high and low short hoods. These models will fit to the Atlas RS36 and RS11 models with slight modification. Included will be numerous detail parts to aid in the conversion, such as steps and pilots. Prices aren't set yet. HO scale PGE plywood caboose development is almost finished, I am working out final details in the etched frets now. There are still a few available. These will have cast resin bodies, roofs, cupolas, under frames, steps, and etched handrails, ladders, walkways, plus some other parts.