Wednesday November 28, 2018

Train Expo was great! It was really nice to see and talk to everyone I saw, and I got a lot of excellent suggestions on what customers would like to see in the future, both from a product perspective and customer service areas.

I am happy to announce Chris Dittmar has agreed to come on board in a sale and promotional capacity. Many know Chris from his excellent articles in N Scale Magazine. I am excited to bring his excellent skills and knowledge of the hobby to Briggs Models. The first project which Chris is gathering pre-orders for is the N scale BCR and CN TOFC flats. Chris can be reached at

HO Scale RS18 body shell kits are available in the store and shipping now. HO Scale RS10 low nose kits will start shipping next week. There are 8 models left from the run of 25 units, and they are available on the order page. Thanks to Shane Mitchell for gathering the initial orders together to make this project happen. Briggs Models often does small runs such as this for other companies and individuals. Contact us if you have a small run project you would like to have run.

HO Scale PGE plywood cabooses are shipping. There are still some left from the run of 26 units.