Happy Candy Month!  The N scale CP RS18u, BCR and CP RS3 bodies, CP Low nose RS3 conversion, flat deck trailers, and BCR slug are available in the store. Photos are on the appropriate model pages...there is a new "miscellaneous" page for various things that don't fit anywhere else. I wasn't able to upload a photo of the slug kit or the RS18 details today, but I will make sure to do it Monday.

Coming soon is a re-work of my M630 body shell kit, this time with the parts I had etched for it last time cast into place and revised short hood.This shell will still use the Atlas cab and deck.

The replacement 8-40-CM gearboxes are available on the order page.

I am taking some time over the next couple of weeks to re-organize the website, so it may be down here and there.